BURU Sheet is polymeric membrane on purpose of waterproofing & water-tight in the field of both construction and civil engineering. BURU Sheet is self-adhesive membrance, cold applied at job-site. It consists of polymeric surface layer coated with butyl compound and releasing paper in underneath. In pursuit of easy installation and minimizing defect factor, it is designed to install in cold-applied laminating polymeric layer to butyl rubber compound.


Structure is multi-layered product laminated with NBR/EPDM membrane on top, coated with butyl rubber compound reinforced with glass fiber
2.Excellent in cold/heat resistance(-30 ~ 100 ℃), adhesion to surface
3.Provide special waterproofing function from butyl rubber coating
4.Thanks to flexibility and high tensile strength from sheet, it provides excellent crack movement of structure


Construction /Civil Structure : roof top waterproofing, underground parking lot, hangar, underground wall structure
2.Underground structure : path way, electric cable way, underground passage, subway structure


• PIB-100 : 2.0mm x 1.0M X 10M
• PIB-30 : 2.0mm x 0.3M X 24m